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Rochester governance review

This consultation has now closed.


All interested groups and residents in the area of the proposed parish council were invited to take part in the review and give their feedback. The Working Group will be considering all of the feedback received and writing its report for consideration at the Full Council meeting on 25 January 2018.



A petition was submitted from 1623 local government electors requesting that a Community Governance Review be conducted to consider the establishment of Rochester Town Council.

The petition was verified as a valid petition within the terms of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 (as amended) and so the Council was obliged to carry out a review in accordance with the Act.

It should be noted that the terminology “Town Council” is one of the authorised alternative styles for a Parish Council allowed for by the Local Government Act 1972 and is explicitly referred to in the petition as being the preferred style. The area to which the review relates is shown on the map.

The Council agreed the Terms of Reference for the review and authorised the Chief Legal Officer, with a cross-party group of Councillors, to carry out the review and report back to Full Council with the outcome of the review and recommendations.


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