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The council's plan for Medway

Image of Kent with Medway

Medway is made up of the towns of Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Rainham and more rural areas, including the Hoo Peninsula.

Situated in Kent in the south-east of England, the area has plenty of green spaces, excellent facilities and easy access to the national motorway and rail networks.

Medway Council is a unitary authority, providing all local government services for a quarter of a million people.

It looks after education, environment, social care, housing, planning, business and much more - everything from frontline services such as rubbish collection and events like the Dickens Festival to work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure services in Medway run smoothly and cost effectively.

The Council Plan

The Council Plan 2016/17 to 2020/21(417KB) is our business plan for the next four years. It sets out how we will ensure we provide the best possible services for our residents.

Our priorities and ways of working, chosen by your elected members, direct the services we provide.

They are:


  • Medway: A place to be proud of
  • Supporting Medway's people to realise their potential
  • Maximising regeneration and economic growth.

Ways of working

  • Giving value for money
  • Digital Services so good that everyone who can use them prefers to do so
  • Working in partnership where this benefits our residents

The Council Plan includes measures of success, which are used to see how well we are doing.