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Home improvements for winter

The council can help you improve and maintain your home to keep you warm and save on your energy bills during the winter.

The Warm Homes Scheme

The Warm Homes Scheme is run by all the Councils in Kent to help residents make their home more energy efficient. The scheme can offer subsidised heating and insulation measures through Energy Company Obligation Funding, but you may also need to pay something.

To find out more Warm Homes email warm.homes@kent.gov.uk or phone 0800 170 1174.

Preventing frozen and burst pipes

Cold winter weather can cause water in pipes to freeze, or pipes to burst. To save the inconvenience, expense and damage this can cause, South East Water has provided customers with tips to help prevent frozen pipes.


Medway Council Housing Services gives priority to repairs for properties damaged due to severe weather that may pose a risk to our residents. Repair teams will do their best to meet appointments during time of severe weather though this may not always be possible.

If Medway Council is your landlord you can report urgent or non-urgent repairs for council properties, via email housingrepairs@medway.gov.uk.