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Make a Difference employee recognition Awards

As a council we want to celebrate our successes and recognise the hard work and commitment of our employees. We all know somebody we feel deserves special recognition for their hard work and commitment.

The Make a Difference awards do just that; they are a great way to show appreciation of our employees for a job well done and demonstrate the quality of people that work for the council.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service so if you have dealt with an employee or team in the council you believe has gone that extra mile to help you, your family, business or friend we want to hear from you.

You will need to explain what the employee or team has done and how they have helped you.

Nominations opened Tuesday 2 May and will close on Wednesday 31 May.


There are nine different categories in the awards. These are:

  • Apprentice of the Year
  • Employee of the Year
  • Team of the Year
  • Manager of the Year
  • Partnerships
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Innovation and Bright Idea
  • Making a Difference to our Customers Lives
  • Customer Service

Find out more about each category below.


Nominations can be made by the following people:

  • Colleagues
  • Managers
  • Customers
  • Business Partners
  • Elected Members
  • The local community

You can't nominate a member of your family or your partner.

To make a nomination simply fill in the nomination form.

Nominations close on Wednesday, 31 May so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. If you have any questions or queries about the Make a Difference Awards please email paul.richards@medway.gov.uk or phone on 01634 332873.

Team of the Year

This award specifically recognises a team that provides exceptional service as a result of team working. The team should have shared values, work effectively with other teams and individuals, and achieve success together.


This may be a team who:

  • go above and beyond their services requirements
  • demonstrates excellence in their approach to clients, colleagues and the outcomes they deliver
  • continually develops new ideas that achieve benefits for the service
  • can demonstrate significant achievements and commitment
  • builds strong and effective working relationships beyond the team


This is awarded for excellent performance in partnership working, both internally and externally. This could include adding value by working with key organisations within the community or highly effective cross-team/directorate partnership working including with contractors that has had a positive impact on a project or service. Under this category it is possible for both Medway Council employees and the contractors they work with to be nominated.


This will be an individual or a team who:

  • actively engages with partners/contractors
  • creates positive working relationships and suggests ways to improve team/partnership working
  • works tirelessly to maintain positive working relationships with partners/contractors
  • demonstrates innovation and creativity in working in partnership to improve services to the community
  • can demonstrate a positive impact on the partner organisation

Manager of the Year

This is awarded to a manager who goes the extra mile to support, motivate, develop and inspire others and exemplifies the council’s core values. Nominations can come from team members and can be sent either individually or a joint.

Awards criteria will reflect the Health and Safety Executive’s six management standards, which cover the primary sources of stress at work. These are:

  • demands – how much the manager deals with issues such as workload, work patterns and the work environment
  • control – how much control the manager gives to staff regarding the way they do their work
  • support – the encouragement and resources (including time) provided by the manager to their staff
  • relationships – how the manager promotes positive working and how they deal with unacceptable behaviour
  • role - how far the manager goes to ensure that staff understand their role within the organisations
  • change – how the manager deals with and communicates organisational change (large or small)

Apprentice of the Year

This award recognises an apprentice that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in all aspects of their apprenticeship.


This will be an individual who:

  • consistently produces work at a high standard.
  • goes above and beyond the requirements of their apprenticeship.
  • can demonstrate a measurable benefit to their team or service.

Employee of the Year

This is awarded to an individual who has accomplished an excellent achievement during the previous 12 months or has made an outstanding contribution to the council.


The will be an individual who:

  • provided outstanding support and dedication to the council
  • contributed to wider services across the council
  • delivered an outstanding positive contribution in terms of behaviour and attitude
  • received external recognition for an achievement
  • made a difference to one or more of the council priorities as a result of achievement/contribution
  • has shared their experience and learning with others
  • has gone the extra mile to attain their achievement/make their contribution
  • has thought outside the box and done something different


This is awarded to a team or an individual who can think outside of the box and has had a bright idea which has subsequently gone on to improve service delivery and/or efficiency. Examples of a bright idea could focus on:

  • Budget savings
  • New ways of working
  • Innovative, ingenious thinking


This will be an individual or team who have:

  • Created value for money
  • Eased service delivery
  • Successfully innovated
  • Made a real difference to someone

Inclusion and Diversity

This is awarded for demonstrating an excellent approach to equality and diversity in relation to their job and/or its impact on our communities. Recognition will be given for demonstrating how someone has improved the access, participation, achievements or life chances for the communities for which we provide a service and for the employees of Medway Council.


This will be an individual or a team who:

  • proactively promotes diversity and equality issues
  • recognises people’s different needs, situations and goals
  • removes the barriers that limit what people can do and be
  • improves access, participation and achievement
  • has undertaken an activity which has resulted in a lasting change in the way the council delivers equality and diversity considerations

Customer Service

This is awarded for excellence in customer care that goes beyond the normal requirements of the job. Evidence will demonstrate how customers have benefitted from the excellent service provided above and beyond what would normally be required. This award is open to any team/individual who delivers a service to a customer, regardless of whom that customer is, (e.g. a member of the public, another council team/employee, an outside organisation etc)


This will be an individual or team who:

  • goes the extra mile to meet their customer’s needs
  • identifies and meets the differing needs of a wide variety of customers
  • always looks to adopt changes that improves service to customers
  • maintains high standards of service and customer satisfaction
  • actively engages with internal or external customers
  • can demonstrate that the work undertaken has improved the quality of life of our customers.

Making a Difference to our Customers Lives

This is awarded for demonstrating excellent service in social care that goes beyond normal requirements.


This may be an individual or a team who:

  • demonstrates excellent practice in care and support
  • helps people to be more independent where possible
  • shows that they go that extra mile for clients
  • gives an excellent service to clients


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